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Post-its are the current and indispensable tool of an administrator.

Reminder, appointment, to do lists, reminders, password... They are often sticked on the edge of screens or at the desks corners. The paper version of the post-its is practical but prone to the unsticks, losses, gales and colleagues indiscretions... That is why, in IS-Academia's portals, we implemented the possibility to create recordable post-its for each user. They are permanently accessible, discreet and customizable.

A post-it consists of a title, a content and an editable color. There are two ways to integrate them into a portal: as a component, discrete and accessible anywhere or in a cell.


One more step into digital with electronic signature

Employment contract, internship agreement, diplomas, school reports… many very important and official documents that needs to be signed. Until today, the solutions adopted were based on scanned signatures directly integrated to the documents, or on complex processes of documents exchange between the different stakeholders.

In the aim to enhance the legacy and the efficiency of this processes, Equinoxe (at the behest of our client ICL) has integrated a product of the DocuSign society. This society offers different technologies of electronic signatures that are recognized by the federal law of the 19. December 2003 about certification's services.

The operation is very simple:

  1. The document is generated inside IS-Academia and automatically and in a secure way sent through a web service to DocuSign,
  2. The contracting parties are contacted by Email by DocuSign,
  3. The signatory online signs the document,
  4. Through a web service, the document signed is sent back to IS-Academia,
  5. Every transaction and action are stored by DocuSign 

This new functionality is available since the 1710 version of IS-Academia and is already used for employment contracts. 

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