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Planning & Covid-19

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The Covid-19 health crisis has changed many aspects of our personals and professionals lives. Teleworking and online training has taken on a new dimension and new needs arise. That is why we have adapted our schedule module to allow schools to manage face-to-face or online courses.


Two approaches have been developed: global or per-course.


Managing “online” courses on a per-course basis

An administrator or a teacher can define a future course as being "online" by clicking on a checkbox. As long as the course has not taken place, it is always possible to modify this choice. Students will see a new icon appear at the top right of the course, informing them that this course will not be taught in person.


Global management of rotating student groups

Favoured by certain universities, this method consists of an automatic distribution of students into several groups. Students are called to classrooms only some days in a week, depending on the number of groups. For example, students come to class every third day when they are split into three groups, and take online classes on the remaining days.

An indication is added to each individual student’s timetable to differentiate the days of face-to-face teaching or online lessons.


These two workflows are already available. As usual, we are open to adapt or develop a solution who match with your way to handle the students' back and forth.



Post-its are the current and indispensable tool of an administrator.

Reminder, appointment, to do lists, reminders, password... They are often sticked on the edge of screens or at the desks corners. The paper version of the post-its is practical but prone to the unsticks, losses, gales and colleagues indiscretions... That is why, in IS-Academia's portals, we implemented the possibility to create recordable post-its for each user. They are permanently accessible, discreet and customizable.

A post-it consists of a title, a content and an editable color. There are two ways to integrate them into a portal: as a component, discrete and accessible anywhere or in a cell.

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